100-240v canon edible image printer

March 10, 2023

It’s no secret that edible printers have revolutionized the way we decorate cakes and cookies. With the help of Canon MG5520 and some edible inks, you can now print your favorite images, graphics, and patterns onto frosting sheets, wafer paper, rice paper, and more. But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right bundle for your needs. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the Edible Printer Bundle featuring the Canon MG5520.

Canon MG5520: A Printer that Delivers

At the heart of this bundle is the Canon MG5520, an all-in-one inkjet printer that delivers exceptional quality, speed, and convenience. With its five individual ink tanks, the printer produces vivid colors, sharp details, and rich black tones that make your edible prints stand out. Whether you’re printing logos, text messages, or family photos, the MG5520 gives you the precision and clarity you need to create professional-grade prints.

The printer has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, which means that it can produce prints with incredible clarity and detail. It also has a high-speed printing mode, which enables you to print up to 15 pages per minute in black and white and 9.7 pages per minute in color. Additionally, the printer has a built-in copier and scanner, which means that you can use it for a variety of tasks, from printing labels to scanning documents.

Edible Inks: Safe and Delicious

Of course, the printer isn’t complete without the edible inks that make the magic happen. The Edible Printer Bundle comes with five FDA-approved edible inks that are specially formulated to work with the MG5520. These inks are 100% safe to consume and don’t contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals. They’re made with high-quality food-grade ingredients that are tasteless, odorless, and easy to digest, so you can enjoy your edible prints without any worries.

One of the best things about these edible inks is that they’re compatible with a wide range of printable media, including frosting sheets, wafer paper, rice paper, and chocolate transfer sheets. This means that you can print your designs onto any edible surface and decorate your cakes, cookies, and cupcakes with ease. Plus, the inks dry quickly and don’t smudge, which makes them ideal for intricate designs and patterns.

Product Review: What Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what customers have to say about the Edible Printer Bundle featuring the Canon MG5520:

  • “This printer is a game-changer! I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m blown away by the quality of the prints. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the images are razor-sharp. I also appreciate how easy it is to set up and use.”
  • “I was hesitant to buy an edible printer at first, but I’m so glad I did. This bundle is fantastic – the printer works great, and the inks produce beautiful prints. I’ve used it to print everything from logos to photos, and it always delivers.”
  • “This is the perfect bundle for anyone who loves to decorate cakes and cookies. The printer is easy to use, and the inks are safe and tasty. I’ve used it for several projects already, and I’m always impressed by the results.”

Tutorial: How to Use Your Edible Printer Bundle

Ready to start printing your favorite images onto your favorite treats? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use your Edible Printer Bundle:

  1. Install the printer. Follow the instructions that come with your MG5520 to set it up and connect it to your computer or mobile device.
  2. Install the edible inks. Open the top of the printer and insert the five cartridges into their respective slots. Make sure that they click into place.
  3. Load the media. Depending on the type of media you’re using, you may need to adjust the printer settings. Consult the instruction manual for your specific media to make sure that you select the correct settings.
  4. Select your image. Open your favorite photo or design in your favorite graphics software. You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other program that supports edible printing.
  5. Print your image. Once you’ve adjusted the settings and loaded the media, send your image to the printer and let it work its magic. Your edible print will be ready in no time!
  6. Decorate your treats. Use your edible print to decorate your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. Get creative and have fun!

With the Edible Printer Bundle featuring the Canon MG5520, you can take your cake decorating skills to the next level. This bundle is easy to use, produces stunning prints, and is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and start creating edible masterpieces!

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